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Members Rules

Please read these rules to be sure you fully enjoy your experience at the facility.

Hours of Operation

The hours for use of the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities will be posted on the web site and on a notice board at the Beach House.

The Beach House may be closed by the shift or Beach House Manager at their discretion during periods of bad weather to reduce staff and utilities costs.

No Member, Guest or other person will be permitted on any public part of the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities except during the hours specified.

There will be no entry to the amenities within 30 minutes of closing time.

Boat Usage on the Lake

Boats must be signed out and operated by a Member (age14+) before use assuming a waiver has been signed by an adult responsible for the youth and registered with the office.

Boats and other equipment rentals are subject to time restrictions depending on the time of year and amount of members in the park.

PFDs are to be kept dry at all times, if possible.

PFDs are to be worn at all times, buckled and done up, while boating.

Boats or other equipment that are damaged or unsafe must be returned immediately.

All boats and other equipment must be returned at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

No boat rentals will be allowed out within one hour prior to closing.

Further Rules posted on the Boat Shack must be observed by all members.

Boats will not be allowed out if the water temperature is considered to be too cold by the Manager.

Membership and Membership Cards

The name of the owner(s) on title has full access to the facility if they are a member in good standing. Any person living at the property can have access to the facility if
permission has been given by the owner on title if they supply a utility bill or driving
license as proof of residence.

If the home owner relinquishes their lake access totheir renters a letter of authorization should be supplied to the CSRA. The renters must supply a copy of their rental agreement and a government ID. When a rental agreement renews it is the responsibility of the landlord to inform CSRA that the renters continue to have access - renters need to also supply a new up to date copy of their rental agreement.

Grandparents / Carers providing care to the children of a home owner or renter may purchase an annual pass for $25 - running June 1 - May 31st each year to allow them to access the facility only when accompanying their charges. A letter from the home owner or renter must be provided to the CSRA prior to any issue of cards. These can be renewed every June 1.

Members will be issued Membership Card and are not transferable. Members should carry their Membership cards at all times and present them for inspection upon a request by a member of the Residents Association staff or a Security Guard.

Members Guest Access

Members are permitted a maximum of 7 guests per household per day. Guests must sign in with a member.

All guests must at all times be accompanied by a member. Guests must leave when the member leaves.

Members are at all times responsible for the actions of their Family Members and their guests or their Family Members guests. Any breach of CSRA rules may result in a banning of the guest and member.

A member cannot sign in as a guest.

When hosting any gathering at the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities, guest lists must be submitted prior to the booking. Access will be given only to those on the list.
A member can not sign in as a guest.


Routes Of Entry:

Members and their guests are to access the Beach House and Parks through the swipe gate at the Beach House.

Members who live in the properties that are adjacent to the public areas and equipped with an access gate will not be permitted on any public part of the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities except during specified opening hours. These gates are to be kept locked by the residents. These gates are the Property of CSRA. Should a member be in arrears or when access rules have been abused, Beach House staff may place a lock on the gate to prevent its use. When such access is used, it is required that the members inform the BH staff, so an accurate guest count can be maintained.

If access to the boat launch and dock area gate is required, a member of the beach house staff will accompany you to open the gate after you have signed in.

Members or Guests are not to access the beach or lower levels through the beach house doors unless to visit the office, the function room or upper deck.

Age Limits:

A Child between 8 and 11 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible sibling 12 years of age or older.

Family members below the age of 8 must be accompanied by a household member age 16 or older.

Restriction to Access Privileges

The Residents' Association staff reserves the right to restrict entry to Members and guests.

Breaking any CSRA rule may result in the banning from the Beach House property for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or up to one (1) year.

Only those members in good standing have access rights to the CSBH amenities.

Pets On The Beach

Pets of any kind are not allowed on beach house property on the ice or on/in the lake at any time. The preservation of our water quality is important to us all.

Exempt from this rule would be service animals - trained and in training. These animals must have the correct paperwork supplied by their handler and are not allowed to run free or to foul in the park area.


  • No person shall at any time have or take on to the lake or its immediately adjacent parklands:

  • Any glass bottles or other glass product, other than on the Beach House deck.

  • Any intoxicating liquor, drug or illegal substances.

  • Any animal.

  •  Any bicycle or skateboard, rollerblade or other vehicle or wheeled device (excluding wheelchairs).

  • Any open fire (other than in designated fire pit / BBQ areas.

  • Any propane barbeque. (Uninsured explosion risk, except at a booked gazebo, with a fire extinguisher provided by the BH.

  • Any gas powered motor boat or snowmobile.

  • No person shall at any time discharge, deposit, throw, dump or place any trash or debris of any kind whatsoever (including without limitation, any toxic or dangerous substance or material) in the lake, all of which are strictly prohibited at all times


All types of boats or stand up paddle boards on the lake shall be operated by a Member of at least 14 years of age on the condition they have a waiver signed by an adult responsible for them and registered it with the office.

Members wishing to sign out a boat must leave their membership card at the main gate or boat house. The member that signs out the boat must be in the boat at all times.

Each person in a boat or on a sail board MUST wear a proper Personal Floatation Device (PFD) in the correct manner as they were designed. PFDs are to be kept dry at all times, if possible.

All boats or windsurf boards should immediately come ashore if potentially hazardous conditions arise such as lightning, dangerous winds or storm conditions.

No boat or sail board shall be operated in a careless or dangerous manner.

No CSRA boats shall be docked or beached on any part of the lake shore except where private docks are available for use by our members own boats who live on the lake.

Jumping and swimming from the boats is strictly prohibited.

Boats and other equipment rentals are subject to time restrictions during peak periods.

Boats or equipment that is damaged or unsafe must be returned to the boat house immediately.

All boats and other equipment must be returned at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Private Boats On The

Privately owned boats may be used on the lake. No gas motors of any kind are permitted.

All boats brought onto the lake property may be inspected for fitness for use.

Battery powered boats must use proper marine specification batteries so that submersion in event of capsize will not allow spillage into the lake.

Privately owned boats should be beached on the boat launch at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Privately owned boats should be secured by their owners to prevent unauthorized third party usage. Damage to private boats is the owners responsibility if they are docked in the public area.

Swimming In The Lake


It is recommended that small children be restricted to the marked swimming area.

Members and guests must adhere to all swimming rules posted at the South end of the dock.

Swimming is allowed over the buoy line. Members assume all risk

Swimming across the lake is allowed. For safety swimming around the lake is recommended.

Please be sure when using the floating dock that you are a strong enough swimmer to swim there and back. Adults please supervise all children under 16 years of age that are using the floating dock.

No diving or jumping off the dock.


Red Flag No Skating - Green Flag Skating

Ice thickness is assessed by the Beach House. Thin ice signage will stay in place at the lake because no liability is assumed by The Crystal Shores Residents Association.

The fire department and the Alberta Safety Council call for a minimum of 6 inches of consistently good quality ice across the entire lake before people should venture out. The ice must be 14 to 16 inches thick and of good quality before equipment can be taken out on the ice. Please refrain from throwing objects onto the lake to "test" the ice or for any other reason. Rocks and sticks that freeze into the surface pose enormous safety risks to skaters, maintenance personnel and equipment. Ice testing will continue several times a week until maintenance/flooding can begin. After the lake is open, testing will continue on a regular basis. Please watch the web site and signs at the Beach House for further information.

Where a Lake Lot owner has prepared a skating area adjacent to their property it is not to be used by general members as the beach house does not maintain or check these for safety & ice depth.

Members and guests must adhere to all skating rules posted at the South end of the dock.

It is recommended that all users wear helmets.

Fishing In The Lake

Fishing may take place from private docks by the member(s) resident at that property.

Lake Lot Residents must comply with the Lake Lot Owners (Fishing) Rules.

A keep limit of two fish per household per day, five per week, 10 per month is to be observed.

A Catch & Release approach to fishing is encouraged.

Persons fishing from the main Fishing Dock or a boat must comply with the fishing rules posted at the South end of the fishing dock.

Barbless single hooks only are permitted, No live bait and No corn.

No cleaning of fish on the property. Fish must be killed humanely and cleanly.

No baiting the water.

All fishing from boats must also be in compliance with boating rules.

Intentional or Reckless Damage

Intentional or reckless damage to Beach House property, whether fixed or otherwise, will not be tolerated.  Person(s) found responsible for damage to Beach House property, will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement.


If the damage is caused by the guest(s) of a member, then the member is liable for the cost of repair or replacement and site privileges of that membership in its entirety shall be withdrawn until such time as full restitution is made.  


It is an expectation that unaccompanied dependants (12 yrs and over) of members will respect the safety, community and behavioural standards when attending the park. If unaccompanied dependants attend with guests, the associated member is also responsible for those guests' behaviour.     


Use of Crystal Shores Lake Amenities is entirely at the risk of the Members, their families and guests.

Unless otherwise posted, there will be no supervision of any activities on or uses of any part of the Crystal Lake Amenities.


The Residents Association staff will only be required to use reasonable efforts to ensure these Rules and Regulations are being complied with.

The Residents Association staff members are authorized to take all reasonable steps required to carry out their duties.

Compliance with these Rules and Regulations by all persons on the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities cannot be guaranteed.

The Residents Association will assume no responsibility or liability for any injury or death or any damage to or loss of property that may occur howsoever caused on or about the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities including the Parking Lot.

Additional Rules & For Lake Lot Owners

The property rights of lake lot owners and residents are important.
So that rules can be put into place for the "Communal Property" and enforced effectively it is important that the property line is understood and identified. The property line for each lakeside property is detailed in the individual plan for that property. Generally it runs along the screened gravel backfill that separates the large limestone blocks on the shoreline from the yard. Large metal pins are in place but may be below the gravel surface. The Purchase Agreement grants use of a floating dock and connecting bridge to each property. Lake Lot owners do not "own" any part of the lake or shoreline.

The Residents' Association and the Beach House Manager shall have the right to make further reasonable Rules and Regulations as in their judgment may from time to time be needful for the safety, care and cleanliness of the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities and for the preservation of good order.

These additional rules shall be kept and observed by all Members and their guests.

Parking Lot

Crystal Shores Resident's Association Ltd prohibit the use of any bicycle, skateboard, rollerblade or other wheeled device (excluding wheelchairs) on it's property including the Parking Lot. These devices may be used to travel to the Beach House but must be secured to the Bicycle Rack on arrival.

A maximum speed limit of 10km/hr is to be observed by all vehicles in the Parking Lot.

The Residents Association will assume no responsibility or liability for any injury or death or any damage to or loss of property that may occur howsoever caused on or about the Crystal Shores Lake Amenities including the Parking Lot.

Gazebo Usage And Hire

The 2 gazebos may be (singly) used by members only on a "first come first served" basis. Hire charges apply.

Booking is permitted up to 6 months in advance and must be for a maximum of 4 hours.

The maximum number of guests allowed per gazebo is 30.

Guest lists should be drawn up and submitted to the Beach House. Access will be given only to those on the list. See Rule 3 (Guests).

The Gazebos may be hired for non-commercial use only;





Staff Abuse

The abuse, physical or verbal, of any staff, member or guest may result in suspension of facility privileges.

Appropriate Dress

As this is a family facility management ask that members dress appropriately.

Men are permitted to be shirtless but we do ask our female guests to please keep their top half dressed.

We do not allow any form of topless bathing under any circumstances.

Failure to comply may result in ejection from the park.

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